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Hobby Classes in Fine Arts

Hobby Classes in Delhi

We all must have one or two hobbies that we must have enjoyed during our childhood days. These kinds of hobbies in pre digitalisation era would include the likes of drawing, painting, singing, dancing etc., but the new generation has much more evolved hobbies that includes playing games on smartphones, social media and similar ones. Whatever the kind is, hobbies are a vital part of growing years. As parents, it becomes a responsibility to acknowledge a passion or hobby in their kids and encourage it, if not for professional purpose but for extra curricular achievement. To encourage this dream of parents and kids as well, the academy conducts short term certificate level courses on various kinds of hobbies including painting, music, craft among others.

The hobby of painting

Painting, drawing are the most common hobbies found in kids, which is even taught in schools as well. Painting is one of the most beautiful forms of art that enhances creativity as well. To draw pr paint something out of scratch and without looking, is a creativity in itself. A painter usually expresses his emotions on the canvas be it his anger, excitement, happiness, confusion or anything, so basically the inner self or experiences provides for sufficient inspiration to paint something. There are different kinds of styles in painting, and the academy offers a few of them including the likes of wall art painting in Delhi as well as Mural Painting in Delhi. The mediums used in painting varies from oil, watercolour, acrylic, pastel, gouache, encaustic, spray painting, fresco, and digital. By definition, mural is an artwork typically done directly to a wall, or any other permanent substrate. The techniques used in this kind of painting are fresco, mosaic, graffiti, and marouflage. These days a cloth piece including sarees have mural paintings on them, and such artistic ability is quite time consuming. The term wall art refers to something drawn or painted on the walls to decorate it. This wall art may be anything, some 3D image, murals, photo frames anything and this can be considered as a category of mural painting.

All about the art academy

Not just limited to painting, Fineline Art Academy opens its doors for various kinds of crafts and hobbies including the likes of acrylic painting, oil painting, illustration, still life painting, abstract art, landscape painting, and portrait painting. The well acclaimed and acknowledge fine art institute in Delhi conducts diploma and certificate level programs of different time durations. Apart from these painting classes, the academy also conducts entrance preparatory classes for BFA, PEARL, NIFT, and NID aspirants. Some of the salient features of the academy are as follows:

• It is an out an out art base institute that encourages a student to learn basic and core concepts related to a specific art subject

• The courses are apt for both undergraduates and graduates

• The curriculum is well structured and designed under guidance of expert and experienced faculty and industry experts

• The aim of the academy is to provide practical training in the field rather than just theoretical knowledge