Course Details

Diploma in Fine Arts (Six Months Program) Regular/Part Time

The objective of the course is to enhance and refine the skills of the Hidden talents. Nurture them to understand the methodologies, materials and fast changing techniques.

Sketching & Oil Painting
Option of choosing one favorite topic or one medium for detail practice like (Pencil, Pencil Color, Charcoal, Oil Pastels, Oil Colors, and Acrylic Colors). /
Basic Sketching
Free hand Drawing
Objects and Nature study
Different Techniques: Proportion, Volume
Indoor and Outdoor sketching
Figure Study
Free hand drawing from human figure to study proportion.
Stick drawing and Block drawing.
Basic anatomy, Head study from different angles.
Full figure study
Still Life
Introduction to various techniques.
Study of foreground and background with drapery.
Texture study with different materials like cloth, wood, glass, bronze, mirror, china clay, terracotta, etc.
Selection and arrangement of objects.
Eye level, source of light, tonal variation, composition.
Drawing from different angles
Details about light & shades.
Medium - pencil, charcoal, Pen, Ink, acrylic color, oil color.
Technical details, measurements.
Detail study of skull, character and expression.
Detail Oil Painting
Use of Spatula, roller
Sense of Body Copy
Detail practice (Portrait Study, Realistic Figures, Imaginary Compositions