Course Details

Diploma in Modern Fine Arts (One Year Program) Regular / Part Time

The objective of the course is to enhance and refine the skills of the Hidden talents. Nurture them to understand the methodologies, materials and fast changing techniques.

Drawing and Sketching
Free Hand Drawing
Objects and Nature study
Different Techniques:
Visual Perspective Relationship between lines
Eye Level & Vanishing Point Value and Texture
Proportion, Volume Basics of Sketching from different angles
Horizontal and Vertical lines
Indoor and Outdoor sketching
Designing with Forms
Designing with Positive and Negative
Designing with Color
Poster Making
Product Drawing
Poster Coloring (Use and Mixing)
Illustration and Composition
Line Drawing
Figure Drawing
Space Balance
Color Contrast
Balance of Letter
Space Division
Sense of Type
Color Balance
Press Layout
Knowledge of Size
Concept (idea)
Space Balance
Typography (According Layout)
Sense of Body Copy
3D or 4D in Painting and drawing
Knife Painting (Specular)
Different Type of Textures
Basic of Photoshop and Coral Draw
Basic Theory of Commercial Art