Course Details

Entrance Preparation for B.F.A , PEARL ,NIFT & NID

In the preparation program student will be covering all important course content required for any Fine Art Colleges. Students also prepare for International Universities for B.F.A Entrance Exams.

Entrance Preparation For B.F.A
Free Hand Drawing & Sketching
Still Life
Study for different types of techniques.
Drapery Study of foreground and background
Texture study by using different methods
Special arrangement for different type of objects.
Eye level, source of light, variation in tones, for different compositions.
Drawing from different angles.
Light & shades different kind of detailing.
Different types of hatching(pencil- hb ,2b,3b,4b,6b,8b,10b)
Life Drawing Human Study
Basic study of anatomy, Head and full figure study from different angles.
Quick sketching and finished sketching.
Sketching practice of different parts of body
Different models for age specific characters
Details of life drawing study.
Composition (water color, oil pastel and pencil color)
Different type of Designing exercise in different media.
Figurative composition practice
Live sketch of model
Mock test

Entrance Preparation For PEARL ,NIFT & NID
Students preparing for NIFT & NID will be covering
Free Hand Sketching
Perspective Drawing
Combining and composing given three dimensional
Creating interesting two dimensional compositions using given shapes and forms
Creating visual harmony using colors in given composition.
Portfolio Preparation
Mock Interview