Coaching for BFA Entrance in Delhi

BFA Entrance Exam in Delhi

Nurturing Hobbies at the academy

Hobbies to a person is like a radar to the ship. We often might not understand the impact, but our hobbies to an extent do define our personality. It is mostly in our early childhood days that we spend most of time painting, drawing, dancing or music- all these are hobbies that we used to carry out in our leisure time. There are many academies or institutes today that nurture these childhood talents to make it an opportunity for a career. Fineline Art Academy is one such institution in Delhi that encourages one and all to be vocal about their not so traditional career choices and carry the path in the same direction. Read further to know more about what all the academy has to offer.

Different kinds of hobby classes at the academy

The academy is known for promoting and encouraging hobbies in the best possible manner. For the same, it conducts different kinds of Hobby Classes in Fine Arts. The available courses are based on different categories that includes the likes of acrylic painting, oil painting, portrait painting, landscape painting, abstract art, still life painting, and illustrations. The courses are all diploma and certificate level programs which are short term programs. You will learn various aspects of the art at the academy that even provides for a valid certificate on successful completion of the course. The courses are available in part time and full-time modes depending on the availability. The students enrolled in the course are provided an opportunity to work in a collaboration to showcase their talent in diversified disciplines. The best part is that the programs are open for both graduates and undergraduates, with the sole requirement of interest in the field. The Painting Courses in Delhi is not that much a common sight, but if you have that zeal to learn new dimensions in the same, then the doors of the academy are always open.

Entrance preparation at the academy

Apart from nurturing hobbies in an individual, the academy also provides for reliable training for clearing various art related entrance exams. The trainers at the institute are experience enough to provide coaching for BFA entrance in Delhi. This is the most sought-after entrance test for art students to get in a college for undergraduate program of Bachelor of Fine Arts. The categories for preparing students for BFA entrance test includes that of free hand drawing and sketching, still life, life drawing human study, composition using water colours, oil pastels, and pencil colour, live sketch of model, and finally the mock test that ultimately tests your level of preparation. The level of preparation is good enough to clear BFA entrance test for both national and international institutions.

Fine Line Art Academy, with its location in the heart of the city of Delhi is quite accessible for all kinds of students. The curriculum is well researched and extensive to meet the expectations of a student. Being a pioneer fine art academy in Delhi NCR, the annual number of students enrolment is pretty good and hence the academy makes it a point to provide no less than quality training.